Aphrodite is a showy, pink and white double that shows some picotee characteristics. This variety tends to have nice sturdy stalks, but extremely large bloom heads- so be prepared to stake her up when she reaches a full showing!
Breeder: Miyake Nursery Ltd.

Butterfly amaryllis can be grown like a regular houseplant; unlike other amaryllis, this plant does not require a period of dormancy and the foliage should be allowed to remain evergreen. Place in a location where it will receive plenty of bright sun, especially during the darker winter months. It can also be placed outside in a sheltered area during frost-free months. To help prevent rot, plant the bulb shallowly, with most of the bulb above the surface of the soil. Water weekly and fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer. You can help stimulate flowering by gradually reducing watering from October to January. The bulb performs best if allowed to remain slightly potbound.