Nashoba’s Life With Us

Nashoba was born on December 24th in Snohomish County, WA in 1999, died in September 20, 2014 in Redwood City, CA.

The plump, playful and cute Nashoba won our heart immediately when I brought her home in February, 2000. She loved to go fetch large branches on the beaches. She also loved to swim even in freezing temperature. I still remember it took only for a few minutes to teach her “paw”, as of she were born trained. Even though she was obsessed with food as all retrievers are, she never stole food unless it was given to her. She loved to lean on us touching a part of her warm body just so slightly. Later on her life, she loved to curl on the floor of the car while I was driving  so that she could see me.

She dedicated all her short life to us, always wagging her tail. When she was excited her tail went in a circular motion.

She was healthy until she reached around 11 to 12 years old when her health slowly deteriorated. Alan took care of her the last chapter of her life in San Jose, California as both Dylan and Genki were in college and I came back to Seattle after a brief stay in California.

It still makes me sad to think about her passing, but it is comforting to know that she was loved by us all her life.

Alegre, alegre, alegre
como los perros saben ser felices,
sin nada más, con el absolutismo
de la naturaleza descarada.

Joyful, joyful, joyful,

as only dogs know how to be happy

with only the autonomy

of their shameless spirit.


‘Un Perro Ha Muerto’ by Pablo Neruda